Wind-Flex Spring Release Pole Banner Hardware

We were one of the pioneers in the "wind spilling" banner hardware industry. 32 years ago, WindSpill(tm) Products received its first U. S.  Patent for cast aluminum hardware with a fiberglass rod that "spilled" some of the wind load off the banner and the light pole. After several hundred thousand successful installations throughout the US,, Canada and a few other parts of the world, we felt that there was a need, in certain circumstances, for a more robust pole banner wind spilling mechanism. Though we are not the originator of the Banner Saver spring-loaded banner hardware, we felt we could offer a better product at a very competitive price. Thus, was born Wind-Flex(tm) Spring Release Pole Banner Brackets. Realizing this product does not meet everyone's budget or need, we created this separate online store only for Wind-Flex products. Our main store is where we sell our original line of quality, yet affordable, WindSpill(tm) pole banner mounting hardware. You will find Discounted Factory Direct Pricing there.


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