PoleBandtm High-Torque Banding is by far the strongest worm-gear clamp made and is included with our WF-100 Wind-Flex Banner Hardware Kit (6 pieces per Kit). It is 5/8" wide band, all high strength 201 Stainless Steel Screw, Band and Housing.

Made to fit most utility pole diameters and shapes. It measures 39" long and will fit from a 4" diameter to a 12" diameter pole

This banding is much stronger, wider and thicker than the standard Quick-Release banding and has a higher torque capacity which gives a much more secure installation. It is highly effective for most installations and is reusable and re-adjustable. The recommended tightening torque is 130-150 in/lb and the breaking torque is more than 160 in/lb.

The housing insures that every thread of the "worm" engages with the band. The auto locking safety buckle secures the free end (excess) of the band for a neat and tidy appearance.

PoleBandtm Hi-Torque Banding is easy to install and maintain with no special tools required. The banding may need re-tightening periodically, as the stainless steel can expand and contract in extreme heat and cold.

3/4" HD Banding

PoleBandtm 3/4" Heavy Duty Banding is the premier banding for installing banner hardware when you want the absolute strongest attachment with the least need for follow up adjustments of the banding. It is for use in areas of extreme weather conditions or with larger banners measuring up to 3' x9' (27 SQ. Ft.).

"The 3/4" banding and the 3/4" buckle are made of 201 Stainless Steel offering very high strength, clean appearance and good resistance to oxidation and weathering. This non-magnetic material is the choice for municipal and industrial markets."

3/4" Heavy Duty Banding is installed with a buckle and requires a special additional Tensioning Tool. The compression of the banding around the pole is created by the double banding wrap and the Tension Tool. The average breaking strength of this HD Banding is 2250 lbs..

PoleBandtm HD3469 comes with the 3/4" banding and buckle pre-assembled in a 69" length for ease of use and minimal waste. This length is enough to do a double wrap around up to a 12" diameter pole. We can cut custom lengths. Only Four pieces of this banding are required to install our WS-100 Banner Hardware. It can be substituted at an additional cost for our High-Torque Banding when ordering.