Size matters, as everyone knows. The larger the surface area of a banner the bigger the "sail" is to capture wind and its forces. The smaller the banner is, the less force is exerted on the banner as well as the light pole. While Wind-Flex Spring-Release Pole Banner Brackets will accommodate any size banner up to 27 square feet (3' x 9'), there are instances where this type of hardware is not necessary.

From our experience with over 30 years in the pole banner hardware business, we believe that a banner smaller than 24" x 72" does not create enough wind load if mounted on quality hardware to warrant the expense of wind-release spring mounted hardware. That being said, if you have 18" wide or 24" wide banners and feel a need to install them on Wind-Flex, we will custom cut the rods to fit your banner.

On the other hand, if you want to check out proven banner hardware for smaller banners (or even larger) that are more affordable, I would direct you to our main online factory direct Windspill Banner Hardware website. Specifically: