1. The metal castings are finely finished and composed of high strength pressure cast aluminum and are thus able to withstand the extreme stress put on them through the wind deflection process.

 2. The solid fiberglass rods are composed of "unidirectional fiberglass" enclosed in a strong and durable resin. They are then capped with machined metal on the end that is inserted into the casting for additional strength and durability. This also protects the fiberglass rod from wearing at the point where it exits the casting.

 3. We also include two rubberized pads to insert under the base of the hardware to protect your metal poles.

 4. Wind-Flex WF-100 is the only product of this type where ALL OF THE REMAINING COMPONENTS are made of 304 Stainless Steel. Wind-Flex is COMPLETELY 100% RUST RESISTANT!


Wind-flex #wf-100 spec drawing