10 Year Warranty

Wind-Flex(tm) Banner Mounting Hardware Ten(10) Year Warranty:

  All Wind-Flex banner mounting hardware is warranted for a period of ten (10) years from the original date of purchase against defects in workmanship and materials when properly installed according to the Wind-Flex Installation Instructions. The warranty does not apply when banners larger than 36" wide by 96" long are installed on the banner brackets.  Proper banding must be used and should be inspected after 30 days and re-inspected every 60 days thereafter. Necessary adjustments to the banding should be made as needed. Improper usage, modification or abuse of the hardware will void the warranty. This warranty covers product repair or replacement only and does not extend beyond the replacement or repair of the hardware deemed to be faulty. Labor for removal or re-installation of the hardware is not covered.

 Merchandise must be returned prepaid to the Manufacturer with a copy of the original purchase invoice. No merchandise will be accepted without a prior written authorization for return. If the hardware is deemed to be faulty, it will be replaced or repaired at no additional cost to the customer.  No warranty or liability is expressed or implied regarding the suitability of the poles or surface that the hardware is attached to. It is the customer's responsibility to determine if the Pole is able to withstand the additional wind load associated with mounting banners on the utility pole or other surfaces.

 If this hardware is damaged in a storm rated F 0 and higher (65 mph+) on the National Weather Service Fujita Scale, it is not warranted. If you expect an F 0 storm or higher, we recommend removing the banners from the hardware. When submitting a claim, please provide a sharp photo of the installation and a National Weather Service report for the day of the damage.

 Though this product works well for many wall-mount banner installations, it is not warranted for this purpose due to varying wall or surface construction, materials and methods of installation.